Sunday, August 14, 2011

Silver Falls 8/14/11

Yes, Silver Falls again. We had planned travel the approximately 7 mile hike, because we were with people who have never done the entire hike. This didn't work out so well, a friend of a friend, brought his dog, and we had no idea that the park didn't allow pets on the main trail.

A decision was made to find the trail outside of Waterfalls. The trail was called the 'Rim Trail'and this was partially paved, some of it was dirt, and rocky. We ended up at the top of the waterfall called 'North Falls' and saw an area to walk through around the small moving streams.

I turned around and see one of our friends' took off into the distance and I wondered how he made his way over there. He came back and told us that we had to check it out. Of course, I was freightened. To get from one side to the other, we needed to do a bit of rock climbing and one small jump from one rock to the other, over a small stream of water. If you saw that I fell on the hike to Romona Falls, you would know that I'm a clumsy human being! So I did not even want to try it. Everyone makes it over the small stream of water, except me. My friend Nam was helping the girls over, but failed to help me! Ok, it was really my own fault. I tried to jump over the stream and in goes my foot and half of my leg. So I had a wet shoe and was scared to slip.

We finally get over to our destination, and it was the scariest thing I've probably ever experienced. We were sooo high up, as a matter of fact we were at the top of North Falls. The view of the valley was very serene.

On our way back to the paths, we see a sign that, I think said "Danger do not enter". We weren't suppose travel that far off the path, but it was a neat experience, and Arinda and I both conquered some fears that day.

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