Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ramona Falls Near Mt. Hood 8/7/11

Hike Destination#5: Romona Falls
Distance: 7.1 miles round trip
Hike Time: ~ 3.5 hours (or more?)

After going back and forth, on which hike to go after, Pearl decided on Ramona Falls. I didn't know anything about the hike, except that it was about seven miles long and there is a view at the top. The trail isn't paved so there are dirt, sand and rocky paths. Be aware of horse poop, there is a lot of it on this trail. This wasn't a difficult hike, however the distance made me a bit tired. The view of the waterfall (pictured below) is amazing!! You get there and want to sit in front of it to rest and watch the water falling. It was also nice to listen to the water hit against the rocks on the walls. The view of Ramona Falls was worth the long hike up and down.

On the way back, we took a different route. We walked along a stream, that lead us back to the beginning of the hike. The surroundings of this pathway was much prettier than the views around the path that we took up.

I fell and scraped my knee on this hike, because I wasn't paying attention.

Please watch your step on this hike, don't do what I did :-)

Nice pick Pearl!

Here are some pictures taken by Pearl

for now, I'll update this with my reviews soon...

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