Monday, June 20, 2011

Angel's Rest in the Columbia Gorge 6/12/11

Hike Destination#1: Angel's Rest at the Columbia River Gorge
Distance: 4.6 miles round trip
Time: ~3 Hours

My good friend Pearl bought a really neat book called "Oregon Hiking; The complete guide to more that 490 Hikes" by Sean Patrick Hill - that provides information on different hikes in the Portland and surrounding areas. She wanted to get into hiking while the weather is nice and so I joined in on this bright idea! We decided to get some friends together on Sunday afternoon and go on a hike. Destination: Angel's Rest at the Columbia River Gorge. Little did I know, this was going to be the most difficult hike I'd ever been on. There were many factors working against me, the rocky pathways and the elevation of the paths. If you're looking for a workout to slim down that booty, this is it! Pearl and I almost turned back because it started to rain, but we were persuaded to keep going and finally made it to the top! The view was absolutely beautiful, despite it being cloudy and rainy. Here are some tasteful photos for your viewing pleasure :-)

Next Destination: Mcleay Park in Northwest Portland

Photos Taken By Pearl Phadunchareon

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